What Sets Us Apart

Kid-Friendly, Family-Centered Dental Care!

As you step through the doors at Frisco Dentistry for Kids, you’ll know you’re in the right place. You and your family will be greeted by name and you’ll see your child’s eyes grow wide as they take in our playful and kid-friendly décor and games!

Dr. Kelli Ettelbrick, Dr. Ty Hinze, and our team love spending our days with dynamic children. We appreciate the unique energy and excitement each child brings to our office and treasure their unique and growing personality.

While we are very serious about providing high-quality, personalized dentistry, we are just as serious about maintaining a fun and positive environment. We want each child to feel safe, be excited to learn, and to enjoy visits that are filled with laughter and smiles!

Our Approach to Pediatric Dentistry

We focus on preventive care and patient and parent education to help each child grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

We design each visit to the child’s individual concerns. In addition to their clinical condition, we consider their physical, emotional, and mental needs. This allows us to tailor treatment to the whole child, not just their mouth, and ensures the best experience and results!

Making Dentistry Fun

At Frisco Dentistry for Kids, Dr. Kelli, Dr. Ty, and our team are dedicated to ensuring each visit is productive, painless, and filled with smiles and praise!

A child’s early exposures to new environments can have a lasting impact on their feelings about that environment. When a little one has positive experiences – especially at the dental office – they grow up feeling at ease in the dental chair. This helps establish a lifetime of oral health, as the child matures feeling confident in caring for their smile.

Our doctors and team members, beyond their experience and professionalism, are warm, friendly, and very patient. We excel at connecting with kids on their level, using every day words and a show-tell-do approach.

If a little one is especially nervous, we understand and respect that. Instead of proceeding, we take the time needed to help them feel safe and loved. It’s not unusual to find Dr. Kelli, Dr. Ty, or one of our team members crouched down beside our patient, chatting about superheroes, school, movies, or the child’s most recent adventure!

We all want to gain your child’s trust, and yours. We hope to form a lasting relationship and set your young family member on the path to lifetime of healthy, happy smiles!

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Our Frisco, TX pediatric dental office serves families from Plano, McKinney, Little Elm, and surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment to bring your child to meet Dr. Kelli, Dr. Ty, and our team, today!